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Prize Draw

Our speaker Marcelo Gryckiewicz has kindly offered a big pack of tokens, mainly
from Argentina, to be drawn among the registered participants on the conference.
Are you going to be the lucky winner?

Rules for the prize drawn

All and only the participants who registered to the conference until the beginning of the main event (23 May 2021, 15:00 UTC) are admitted to the prize draw.

The eligible participants will receive a single entry number by E-mail.

To guarantee transparency, the winner will be chosen using an online random number generator.

The prize draw will be streamed live on the Q&A Zoom meeting, after the main event lectures, on 23 May 2021 (approximately at 16:45 UTC).

An alternate winner will be raffled, in case the first winner cannot be contacted, or fails to claim the prize.

The privacy of the participants will be respected and the names of the winner and alternate winner will not be announced, only the winning numbers. If the winner is present in the live prize draw it is his/her choice to reveal himself/herself and celebrate.

The winner will be alerted by E-mail and receive instructions, including to provide an address to where the prize should be shipped.

If the winner refuses or fails to claim the prize, or fails to send a shipment address in 10 days, the prize will be offered to the alternate winner. In case the alternate winner fails the same conditions, the destiny of the prize will be decided by the patron who offered it, who may choose to simply recall it.

The patron who offers the prize will ship it directly to the winner. The shipping cost shall be supported by the winner unless otherwise stated by the patron. The patron and the organization of the conference may not be liable in case the prize is delayed or lost during the shipment.

In case last minute patrons offer other prizes, these same rules will apply, with distinct raffles and winners. Only one prize for participant.