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Guidelines for Thematic Room Hosts

Welcome and thank you so much for joining us on this year’s conference. Here are some guidelines to help you prepare your Thematic Room.

What are Thematic Rooms?

The Thematic Rooms will be Zoom meetings with smaller groups that will talk more informally about the theme of the room. Using Zoom will allow everyone to speak, thus allowing true interaction and at the same time bringing together people with the same interests.

How will Thematic Rooms work?


Every Thematic Room has a theme and the meeting will revolve around that theme.

Multiple rooms

There will be Thematic Rooms on different themes spread all over the weekend. We shall avoid at all costs to make coincident rooms, so everyone can attend all their preferred meetings.

Multiple Languages

Thematic Rooms about regional tokens, may operate under that local language to maximize participation. For instance a room about “Brazilian tokens” will probably have Portuguese as the room’s official language. That will be signalled on the schedule.

Receiving the invitation

Every registered participant on the conference will receive the links to participate on the Thematic Rooms of their preference.

What do I have to do as a host?

Choose a theme

Just choose a theme and moderate your meeting around that theme.

Spread the word

We will promote your room, but you are advised to promote it also to your circle of influence, to maximize participation and make it even more successful.

How should I format my meeting?

You can lead your meeting in any way you choose to, as long as you give space for interaction. Some format suggestions:

Free talk

You can just open the meeting, give the kick-start and let the conversation run free. (Have some conversation topics ready in case the conversation stalls).

Show & tell

Ask the participants to bring a token under your theme and tell a story around it. This also works well presenting books/articles, new findings, fun facts, etc. Make sure you stablish a limited time to each one so everyone can have their turn.


Present a debatable topic and promote the discussion around it.

Let your imagination free

Any other format you imagine. Just let us and you public know in advance, so everyone can be prepared for it.

Suggested guidelines

Give everyone a voice

Do not let yourself or any participant to take all the meeting for themselves, promote the interaction between all.

Keep on the theme

Do not let the conversation derail to completely off topic subjects.

Make it comfortable

Keep a nice and preferably an informal tone.

Any doubt or problem?

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